What is the European Academic Coworking Network?

The European Academic Coworking Network (EACN) aims to create a joint network of coworking spaces at universities and other higher education institutes to promote exchange and collaboration between spaces, students, researchers, and startups. The EACN provides its members the opportunity to access a workspace at any EACN affiliate location free of charge. In turn, EACN affiliate spaces must make at least one workplace in their coworking space available to other EACN members free of charge. To register your coworking space or lay claim to an existing space on our map, simply click the “Join” button below.

How can I use the European Academic Coworking Network?

Use the map on the Spaces tab to view available university coworking spaces near you! If a space is an EACN affiliate space, you can view further information on the space's offers, opening hours, address, and contact details. Further, you are able to book a workplace via the digital reservation system on the EACN platform. This is free of charge but only possible when your institution is also an EACN member. To become a member as well as book and use a workplace in an EACN affiliate space you must be a student or researcher at a university whose coworking space is already an EACN affiliate space. View the map to check if the coworking space of your university is an EACN affiliate space. If yes, please sign up as a user! If not, do not hesitate to motivate your space to join us!